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Stop wasting time on
code review.

GitHub PR Review is an interface to simplify pull requests management on GitHub.

Built for developers

Track all pull requests from your teams, or your own pull requests, and do a code review more easier.

Sort your pull requests

You can use both modes, label or filter and sort your pull requests.

Increase your productivity

In one single page you have all your watched repositories with the related pull requests and your notifications sorted by repositories.

How to use

Sort by filters

You can search for issues and pull requests globally across all of GitHub, or search for issues and pull requests within a particular organization.

More information about filters

Sort by labels*

You can sort you pull requests on four blocks Review needed, Accepted, Changes requested and WIP.
* notification view is not available with this mode.

More information about labels

Self hosted

If you want to use it on your own server, you need to install Docker and Docker compose, clone the repository and execute:

make install


$ 0 /mo

per GitHub's account

Unlimited repositories

Unlimited tracked pull requests

No ads

Unlimited filters

Unlimited labels

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Do you want to contribute to GitHub PR Review?
Feel free to fork this repository and propose your pull request!

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